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Therapeutic Massage

The ultimate custom massage experience using a combination of therapies to promote relaxation and healing, personalized to fit your needs.

                                      30 minutes...$30.00    60 minutes...$60.00    90minutes...$90.00    120 minutes...$125.00

Cupping Therapy

This healing technique uses massage cups, creating a suction and negative pressure. It is used to drain excess fluids, loosen adhesion's, lift connective tissue, and bring new oxygenated blood to the muscles and tissue.

60 minutes...$70.00


This technique uses an essential oil to enhance psychological and physical well-being. It is combined with massage lotion and applied to the body allowing absorption into the skin and nasal passages.

60 minutes...$70.00

Raindrop Therapy

A sequence of 9 Therapeutic grade essential oils are dispensed like raindrops along the spine allowing the oils to pass through the bloodstream and diffuse throughout the tissues. It is designed to stimulate every organ, and muscle of the body at a cellular level, boost the immune system, and bring balance to the body.

50 minutes....$70.00

Hot Stone Massage

Smooth basalt stones are oiled and heated and used to massage the entire body, promoting deep relaxation of the muscles.

70 minutes....$85.00


Pressure is applied to reflex points that are associated with specific body parts and organs, helping to reduce stress, improve blood circulation, stimulate nerve function, and improve the immune system.

30 minutes....$35.00    60 minutes....$70.00

Anti-Aging Facials

A holistic way to increase vital blood flow, release toxins, relax muscles, reduce pore size, while rejuvenating the top layers of the skin bringing health and youth back into the face. Using all-natural ingredient products for sensitive, dry, oily, and all other skin types.  

30 minute (one masque)...$35.00     60 minute (two masque)...$70.00

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Therapeutic Massage

Angie Dane, Licensed Massage Therapist

Phone: 573.760.4871



          Massage's are by appointment only and scheduled by the therapist, not the salon...

please call Angie at 573-760-4871 to schedule your session today!